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The Big Thompson Flood

Today’s small business spotlight features The Big Thompson Flood from Colorado. This band mixes old-school rock, the blues, and funk to get everyone dancing their hearts out.


Tell us a little about The Big Thompson Flood (e.g. How would you describe your music? What exactly is a “Colorado local, Green-Powered Power-Trio”?)

Our music is a mix of the styles of music we enjoy and grew up with. We consider ourselves a rock band, but aren’t afraid to let other genres like reggae, blues, jazz or country flavor the sound. We are all transplants from other parts of the country, but have been Colorado residents for decades, and try to capture the unique quality of life here in our music. We love the outdoors, care about the state of our beautiful natural environment, and want to promote our fellow Colorado musicians and artists. We love Colorado-local: food, music, craft beer, and of course the world’s finest organically grown cannabis.


How did the BTF start?

The BTF has its roots back in the ’90s in other projects around Boulder, CO. The band was founded by Lowell Thompson and me, Marc Hutt. We had been roommates back around ’96 or so but went our separate ways, and were reunited by a mutual friend to work on a project. But we decided that we could put together our own band that focused more on our own sound, so in 2010 the Big Thompson Flood was born.



Who are the members?

The members include Lowell Thompson on Drums and Lead Vocals, Brad Wilbur on Bass, and Marc Hutt on guitar.


What do you like most about the BTF?

The aspect of our band I like the best is that we are not tied to a single genre or era. We like to experiment with different sounds and instrumentation to keep it interesting for the BTF faithful. Also, our lead singer is the drummer, and you don’t see that every day.


What was the most exciting experience you’ve had in the BTF?

We have been in the recording studio since December working on our debut album. Hearing all these ideas we have been working on for years coalesce into a finished recording has been a thrill!


Do you have any advice for people who are interested in pursuing a career in music?

Music is a tough way to make a living, so it requires a tremendous commitment. In the business side, professionalism counts as much as talent, so be on time, sober, and ready to rock. A reputation for professionalism will take you a lot farther than a rep for being an unreliable diva. And most importantly: Don’t suck! Practice, practice, practice!!



What is the most memorable thing that you have done this year (or month)?

On May 30 we played a sports and music festival in our hometown of Lyons, CO, the Lyons Outdoor Games. Lyons was devastated by a flood of its own in September of 2013, and there is still considerable damage around town and some families remain displaced. It was a beautiful thing to play in front of our hometown crowd and raise funds for the restoration of our parks


What is your favorite part of your job?

To quote Willie Nelson, “The life I love is making music with my friends.”


What do you like to do in your spare time?

We love the Colorado outdoors. Hiking, camping, fishing, snowshoeing, stargazing, etc. I am a father of 2 daughters, a dog and a cat, so Daddy duty consumes the rest of my time.


What are your 5 favorite foods?

Bar-Be-Que, New York Pizza, enchiladas, Pho, and of course, a righteous cheeseburger.


What is your favorite inspirational quote?

“There is no try. Do or do not.”

—Master Yoda

bigthompsonflood3If you could bring 3 things with you to a deserted island, what would they be?

Guitar, Harmonica, sombrero (I’m very fair and sunburn easily).


If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

I would hitch up the camper and head for the hills. It’s wildflower season here in the Rocky Mountains.


What is your guilty pleasure song? (What song do you find yourself singing in the shower most often?)

My girls love the pop music like Katy Perry and Taylor Swift; its on in the car all the time. I know a lot of Katy Perry lyrics.


Think back to when you were a kid. What was your dream job/career? Do you still have ambitions to do?

I am living my childhood dream job! I just didn’t understand as a kid how difficult it is to make any money!


What is your idea of a perfect day?

Espresso first thing, then a hike or some outdoor time with the kids and dog. Family time in the afternoon, maybe a nap, a nice dinner, another espresso, then off to the show to share some music with family and friends.


Visit The Big Thompson Flood’s website at www.bigthompsonfloodband.com


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