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Shreya Paints

We talked to Shreya of Shreya Paints for today’s Small Business Spotlight. Shreya uses her website to share the thought process behind her paintings. Though she is currently based in the United States, she has an incredibly international background, and her paintings reflect the diversity of her experiences.


Tell us about Shreya Paints?

I want to use Shreya Paints to make painting interactive, relatable and relevant. I post images of paintings in progress to demystify the process of creating a painting and give viewers a portal to influence their outcome.

shreya3I have always believed everyone can paint; it is a process of letting go and persistence. Through Shreya Paints, I aim to have viewers feel the excitement of a new project, and the attachment and loss that occurs in draft works that get painted over.

I believe Facebook is the perfect venue for these real time conversations because the frequency at which my peers use it has created virtual avatars I am able to converse with (I’m using ‘avatar’ in the notion of James Cameron’s movie Avatar, not its actual definition in Hinduism).

shreya4Lastly, my work is a reaction to my surroundings. I believe we exist in a unique time and age and I have many questions about both the way this is shaping and my experience of it. Through Shreya Paints, I am trying to trigger attention to the concerns that keep me up at night or celebrations that make our experience rich and fulfilling.

My art is a reaction to you and my surroundings and it would not be complete without having been processed in your mind.


What inspired you to get started?

Lately, my daily commute driving into Washington D.C. has made me feel lucky to be alive and a celebration every time I make it home safe.

I feel like time is short and a privilege; this was an idea that came to me and I realized I probably won’t have time and space again so ideal for starting this in the future.

Also this is just the start. I have so many new paintings planned I realized I needed a venue for better tracking and conversations.


What’s your favorite part about painting?

It is exhilarating having an idea and watching it become a concrete and tangible piece for others to interact with.


shreya5Any favorite paintings?

Art. 25″x 25″ (2008).

It’s a painting of me holding a paintbrush on a glass surface with a mirror behind. In it, I tried to capture the artist’s perspective. I painted it on glass so that the background could become where ever the painting and you physically are. I’m painting you. You are on my canvas. Look in the mirror (if you could), you become part of the canvas.

It’s supposed to feel a little creepy.


How do you decide what to paint?

I find inspiration from looking inside myself and remembering experiences that piqued my curiosity. Once I have identified these, I create a patchwork of them on my canvas and often come to an alternate realization through the process of patching them together. What I especially am in love with is how when I am in the mode of creation, all of my surroundings become potential windows into better understanding. I start to look at the world as if it has been painted and so could be painted.


What do you like to do in your spare time?

Paint! 🙂 Other than that, hang out with old friends and meet new people and make new friends. I like boating, traveling, and hiking a lot too.


Visit Shreya’s website at www.shreyapaints.com


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