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Pet Pujaris

Today’s Small Business Spotlight features Pet Pujaris, a Mumbai-based food-lovers’ group. We caught up with its founder, Kumar, a charismatic and fun-loving food explorer, to learn about his love of all things new.


What is the story behind your group’s name, Pet Pujaris?

Literally translated Pet means ‘Stomach’ & Pujaris are ‘Priests/Worshippers,’ so we’re the Priests of the Stomach or Stomach Worshippers. Since Pet Pujaris is all about eating as a Foodie Community it was an apt name. So we’re basically a community of food lovers who want to explore new places to eat. It’s an open community for anybody who enjoys food, not for those who just eat for sustenance. And there’s no sign up fee, everything is open, you pay for what you eat & we don’t charge the restaurants for organizing such events either.


What inspired you to begin this group, and how long has it existed?

You know how you always have that group of friends you want to do things with, a clique of sorts, and these guys always make ‘the plan’ to maybe eat at this new restaurant. But when you get closer to that date, the plan fails and people back out. That was happening too often and restaurants were closing before we could actually visit them. So a friend and me decided to create a foodie page on Facebook and created the first completely open foodie event called ‘Fatka’ where anybody was welcome to join. ‘Fatka’ is the sound made by a slap, so a ‘Fatka Event’ is an event where we are going to dine at an expensive restaurant. It basically means, you’ll get a slap on your wallet when you see the bill. We then did a Food Walk at Mohammed Ali Road during Ramadan that same month & called it a ‘Kadka’, which means ‘broke.’ So basically street food, hidden gems, hole in the wall joints, anything cheap. We got an amazing response for the formats & the names stuck and we’ve been following this routine of having the Fatka at the 1st half of the month & a Kadka at the end of the month. Btw, the group is 3 and a half years old.


petpujaris2What is the most exciting experience you’ve had with Pet Pujaris?

Leading 54 people on a food walk through the busiest streets in Mumbai. The Ramadan foodwalk has become sort of tradition now and happens once every year. The last one that just went by, 54 people turned up and it was crazy!

Other experiences include winning an award at the Indian Food Bloggers Awards for the category ‘Best Food Blog,’ one of the Fatka events we had last year was covered by Food Food Channel which basically means we were on National Television :D.

Each experience we have is unique and new because of the people we meet. The people who come back, come back with new stories, and the people who are new have their own stories, it’s just a lot of fun.


petpujaris3If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

This may sound silly, but I’ve never seen snow :’(

So for this I would pick Greenland, because not only is there (a lot of) snow, but it’s also one of the best places to catch the Northern Lights.


And finally, what are your 5 favorite foods? (It’s a tradition that we ask everyone!)


Alright, I’m going with Pizza, Dosa, Burgers/Sandwiches, Sushi, & Waffles.


Visit Pet Pujaris’s website at www.petpujaris.com


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